The Wonder Sponge 50pcs (100X60X20)


It surely looks like an ordinary sponge BUT it is not. This sponge work wonders and cleans almost everything. We promise that you will be impressed with it.

This is a CHEMICAL-FREE way of cleaning. NO detergents, chemicals or other cleaning agents needed. You need ONLY water.

Can be used for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and many more.

Comes in different dimensions. Easy to use.




1) Soak sponge into water.
2) Squeeze sponge to remove excess water.
3) Gently rub over the stain/dirt.
4) Rinse the sponge after use.
5) Store the sponge in a dry place.


    Keep the sponge away from children.
    Cut off power supply when used on electrical appliances.
    If in doubt, apply on small area to test.


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